Safer skies now

As we navigate through COVID-19 turbulence, it’s time to make flying safer for in-flight staff and passengers.

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Flight attendants were some of the first Canadians exposed to COVID-19 in the workplace

Without proper protective gear or government regulation, they stayed on the frontlines of COVID-19 and risked their health and safety to bring Canadians home during an unprecedented global health crisis.

This crisis exposed just how poorly our current regulations protect flight attendants

From airport screenings to personal protective equipment, to a worker’s right to refuse unsafe work, we have witnessed regulations fail us in recent months when we needed them, resulting in flight attendants and passengers getting infected.

Flight attendants are in-flight safety personnel first and foremost

 They do a lot more than hand out newspapers and pour coffee. They’re the first line of response when a health emergency or an evacuation happens on-board.

If flying is unsafe for flight attendants, it’s unsafe for passengers too

Before the industry gets back in the air, the government must act to protect all of us.

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Tell the federal government to strengthen health and safety requirements on-board, and to ensure in-flight staff who look after passengers at 20,000 feet have the protections they need to do their job safely.